At long last, KEEPER is now live on Comixology!

(Actually, Issue 0/1, a special combined Comixology edition of the first two releases, has been there since July 31. Long story.)

Issue 2 was released TODAY, and you can buy both issues for less than $2! (Add another 99cents and buy TAKEDOWN as well!)

KEEPER Issue 0/1
KEEPER Issue 2

Of course, if Guided View isn’t your cup of tea, you can purchase high-quality PDF/CBZ copies for download, for the same price, as well as LIMITED PRINT QUANTITIES, direct from Atypical Comics!

Some absolutely exciting KEEPER news coming soon too! Stay tuned!

KEEPER In Search Of New Artist

It is with heavy heart, we announce that the artist and co-creator of KEEPER, Jeff Simpson, has chosen to move on to other things.

With that in mind, KEEPER writer/Atypical Comics publisher is seeking a new artist to step in and help keep the series going. Please see his message at his personal blog for more information.

We thank you for your support of KEEPER and Atypical Comics.



Accepted as part of their Submit program, TAKEDOWN is available NOW for a mere 99cents for 24 pages of sci-fi action!

You can also read a wonderfully insightful review by Bleeding Cool’s Alasdair Stuart!

And of course, it is available directly through Atypical Comics if you prefer PDF, CBZ or print!

Check it out!



It was only brought to my attention this morning, but 2 weeks ago, ComixPress, the digital POD outfit used by Atypical to print KEEPER and TAKEDOWN, shut down unceremoniously, mere weeks after resuming printing service after a brief hiatus in April.

In the meantime, movement in getting Atypical titles into stores has been glacial at best.

So, I will not be accepting any print sales for the moment until we know for sure we have stock (we have been sold out of KEEPER Issue 0 since C2E2!). I am investigating more local options, or another digital house, to make sure I can deliver to you what it says on the cover, pricewise.

Thank you for your support.

— Geoffrey D. Wessel

TAKEDOWN Approved by Comixology!

Great news! TAKEDOWN has just today been approved by Comixology, the premiere app for reading digital comics on iOS and Android devices! No word yet as to when it will be available, or when/if KEEPER will be joining at the app, but this is great news for Atypical, and its readers, giving another option for YOU to read our comics! (Of course, you can STILL order direct from Atypical for PDF, CBZ *and* PRINT editions of TAKEDOWN and KEEPER!)

In the meantime, we had a GREAT C2E2 in which we SOLD OUT of KEEPER Issue 0, meaning we have to go back to press! (Of course, it IS a free download too!) TAKEDOWN snared some fans in as well, like, well… these guys:

Left is Judge Dredd writer Michael Carroll, and on the right… well…

(And if you know who the man under the helmet is, get in touch, we have something for him!!)

Last but not least, TAKEDOWN got a good review from Comics Bulletin over the weekend!:

“Geoffrey Wessel delivers a breakneck-paced 22-page epic…”

“You just don’t f**k with Officer Josiah Bledsoe.”

“If Wessel’s writing reminds me of a sort of sci-fi Judge Dredd short, [Zach] Bassett’s art style reminds me of Ian Gibson, all distorted people and weird-ass creatures from outer space who have quirky, unexpected weird elements to their design that makes the aliens feel both familiar and weird at the same time. [...]… the art tells Wessel’s story well, especially in the wordless pages that help build an interesting setting for this comic.”

Check it out, then check TAKEDOWN out today!


Hey gang.

In mere moments Atypical Comics will be setting up at C2E2 2013, table F15, with KEEPER writer Geoffrey D. Wessel + artist Jeff Simpson. We will have Issues 0, 1, and 2 of KEEPER on sale, as well as TAKEDOWN by Wessel + Zach Bassett, on sale for you.

If you can’t make it, and want these, digitally or in print, see Atypical Comics for ordering info. If you do order digitally, you may not get it til later this weekend since we’ll be otherwise occupied.

Thanks! See you there!


Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages…

Atypical Comics launch titles KEEPER and TAKEDOWN are now ON SALE!

Follow the links above for KEEPER and TAKEDOWN, available in both PRINT and DIGITAL formats!

Support creator owned comics! Buy from Atypical today!


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